Nicholls Moisa & iGaming Elite – Disrupting the Recruitment Industry in Malta


I once heard someone at a conference say:


“Forget Revolution, it’s all about Evolution…”

There has never been a more appropriate way to describe the newly reformed sister companies of Nicholls Moisa and iGaming Elite. Two companies who have provided talent acquisition services and have been integral to the success of Malta’s transition from hot list tourist destination to commercial dynamo within the FS, Fintech, iGaming and soon to be Blockchain Island of choice. Times change, technology is changing; hiring and retaining the very best talent is more important than ever if Malta is going to sustain its attractiveness as a business growth center. As a group we felt it was time for the recruitment industry to pick up the rhythm and change as well. Nicholls Moisa and iGaming Elite have grabbed the baton and are positioning our companies to lead the way.

By bringing our two originally separate businesses closer together into a shared office space in Attard, we of course win through economies of scale. But, more importantly we create faster, more agile and collaborative communication channels. Our clients have immediate access to two innovative companies with over 60 years of combined expertise at a senior management level. Experience that has been sharpened in fast paced, rapid growth international markets from the UK to Asia via the Middle East. Expertise that is literally second to none from across the whole range of FS and Technology spheres. Crucially, however, it enables us to drive innovation in the recruitment industry via new state of the art solutions and services previously unseen in Malta. We understand that to maintain growth, to keep investors happy, to enable you to achieve your corporate vision you need to be able to hire the absolute best talent available within your parameters. To that end, we’ve invested heavily to ensure exactly that capability.


As co-founder and MD of the new combined businesses, Fran Moisa stated “We made the decision to be bold and courageous innovators, working in the iGaming, FinTech and now the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space has made this approach almost mandatory. Our clients are looking for smarter, faster, more engaging and accurate talent acquisition partners and solutions. As a business we actively went out and sourced the most technologically advanced candidate assessment and selection solution in the world and then had it refined to our requirements.”

Original founder of iGaming Elite, Dean Nicholls added “This has been a long time coming. There is undoubtedly a huge thirst for change when it comes to the options companies have when selecting recruiters on the island of Malta. I’m very excited to be part of this initiative and cannot wait to present IRiS to our existing and new client base. “At some point very soon, a select group of Malta’s business and thought leaders will be invited to the launch of IRiS™, which stands for ‘Intelligent Recruitment Integrated Solutions’. This isn’t just a liberal use of buzzwords, it’s truly different. Combining AI and machine learning, IRiS is not an Applicant Tracking System, IRiS is an evolutionary solution for increasing candidate attraction, selection accuracy and ultimately retention. IRiS will literally increase hiring accuracy, save our clients time and money and the real measure of impact, it is independently proven to radically increase retention.”


We are in the process of training our teams to deliver this solution. We are also actively searching for new team members, ideally open minded innovative recruiters who embrace new ideas and have a desire to step up to an entirely new level or professionalism. The delivery of IRiS requires immense focus and attention to details, there are no short-cuts and the solution offers transparency throughout. IRiS eliminates lazy recruitment processes and raises standards to levels unprecedented across the recruitment industry. This solution is not for the timid amongst you, it is for the true inspirational organizations who lead innovation, embrace technology development and understand the future of hiring must change. Nicholls Moisa & iGaming Elite are fellow disrupters, just like you. The way we work will reflect admirably on you and your corporate vision. But it doesn’t end there. We have created a full-suite of comprehensive 360° mix and match services from professionally developed briefing documents to international advertising and research tools to compliment IRiS™. We’ve progressed from not just identifying the very best talent in the market anywhere in the world through to engaging it and evaluating it for you.

Watch out for your invitation to an exclusive event to meet IRiS™. If you would like an impartial and confidential discussion and demonstration in advance, then do not hesitate to contact our Head of Recruitment Innovation, Darren Ledger. Book a call here: Learn More